The Back Story: San José Road Fatalities Need Focused Response

  • Almost half (49%) of the citywide auto-related deaths occur on only 17 roads-typically high-volume connectors like Almaden, Hillsdale, McLaughlin, Monterrey, Senter, Tully, and White Roads-on which we have dedicated resources and enforcement as “Priority Safety Corridors.”
  • About three-quarters of roadway deaths in San José have occurred at night.
  • Also about 75% of pedestrian fatalities occurred while the victim crossed a road outside of a marked crosswalk.
  • Speeding appears associated with about 30% of our fatal collisions
  • Men overwhelmingly (73%) are the drivers in fatal collisions
  • Traffic collisions victimize seniors far more than anyone else, including children. The average age of a pedestrian victim in San José is 56, and of a cyclist victim is 59.



Mayor of San José, California

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